Monday, October 19, 2015

Tip 4: Stop the barking dog, challenge him mentally and physically:

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Excessive barking is usually the result of pent-up energy. If this is so, then the solution is simple: make sure the dog uses that energy in a more productive way.

Hey, do you walk your dog daily? Or, do you let him fetch a ball? Barking

while you play with your dog is quite ok, enjoy it.

For the more energetic dogs, and this is so with my dogs, there are still major challenges out their. Mentally fun for your dog!

Daphne, our bearded collie and Jenn, our ... well she's not a purebred dog, I train daily to participate in obedience competitions.

Fun is the key word. I enjoy every activity with my dogs every day. It's bonding while mentally and physically challenging them.

Because, when difficult situations occur, the strength of the bond you have with your dog will make him trusts and follow you completely. Knowing Right!

Have confidence, create a powerful bond with your dog


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