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Tip 2: Stay calm when you correct your barking dog:!knowing-right-dog-psychology-center/cg0g

Consistently barking dogs can be quite irritating. So if your dog barks, I can imagine that you, yourself, are quite frustrated. Certainly, if the barking bothers you in the activity you are doing at that moment. Or should I say, were doing, because your concentration is already gone, isn't it?

Okay, so frustration peaks. And with this energy boost in your body, you're going to exhort the barking dog to be quiet. In summary, you, a bundle of energy; your barking dog, another barrel full of energy ...!knowing-right-dog-psychology-center/cg0g
 You guessed it. Your dog sees you coming. You call, he thinks ... Oh, boss comes playing. It turns out for him, you also have more than enough energy running through veins from your frustration and anger. The following will occur:

A Hunting Ritual:  The One With Most Energy (you) Encourages The Pack (your barking dog so) To Go For A Hunt And..

And that is just what your dog does, even more barking.

Without knowing, you've just triggered a basic instinct of dogs. Knowing Right, I'd say so. Know that your dog reflects your energy. Your frustration or anger = a lot of energy. So, your dog follows = he, a lot of energy.

Oh, the dog feels no frustration or no anger. No, he just feels that his energy-flow is somehow, how should I put it, blocked. So, he needs to release of that block.

And what does a dog with a lot of pent up energy. Right, making sure that this energy begins to flow again. How does he do that, yes indeed, by barking or biting.!knowing-right-dog-psychology-center/cg0g

Now, the worst part of this story. I, Bryan, have known this all along and sometimes I still end up in exactly the same situation as some of my clients. But one is never too old to learn.

Therefore, if one of our dogs barks too much. I stop doing what I'm doing, give myself a minute or two (okay, sometimes three) to let my anger drain. Then go down as the epitome of calmness and apply tip one from a stable and safe feeling.

The feeling you have when addressing your barking dog, is decisive. Cool, right.

Really, I dig much deeper into the mirror-behavior of the dog. That's for another time. Unless of course you want to ask me a question. Then, I recommend, go to the contact page, and submit your question. I'll answer, for sure.

Have confidence, create a powerful bond with your dog


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