Friday, October 9, 2015

People have been asking me if I was going to have kids? I had a border collie puppy instead!

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More young people choosing dogs for parenthood 

Our lives are all about choices -- choices about where we live, about what we do with our time every day, about who we love.

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But are dogs like Children?  

Is it wrong to compare raising children with raising a dog?

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Is it Wrong? No.
Is it Annoying to parents? Yes.

Now just keep in mind, I've never had a child, but I trained dogs. Sure I DO see huge similarities in the methods my friends use with their children and the methods I use. Would I say it to their face? No freaking way, because the moment you compare the methods, people immediately see it as comparing human and animal - there suppose to be differences in mental capacity and their future roles in society.

The truth of the primary facts are simple: we are pack animals, and we react well when we understand our place within our pack. Different individuals species might respond in different ways of creating that understanding, but the fact remains that illustrating and enforcing an individual's standing in the pack, are expected behaviors, and the territorial outlines of pack life is a primary part of both parenting and training dogs.

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Once you get past that primary point, the claws come out. People will point out all the differences between how humans need different elements for their social roles and individual needs.

Primarily, the differences between dogs and children are their instinctual behaviors. For example primates like to push their chests together and hug with their arms to show affection, while a canine draping an arm over another canine is a sign of dominance. When a dog meets another dog, they will typically approach in a circular fashion, not directly on, with eye contact and a hand out stretched as a child might. These sort of misunderstandings contribute to many of the bites that occur, and most frequently this happens between a dog and a child who doesn't understand and respect the differences.

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 No matter how I like my dogs, I wound treat them like I would treat humans, because they have specific needs due to their biology, and the way their minds work, even though both of our species are social and live in a family structure. If I would have children, I'm sure I would educate my children differently than my dogs.

  I would raise my children to think for themselves, which is not something applicable to dogs. I would raise my children to question authority, which is not something I would never want to do with my a dogs, I really want my dogs to consider me their dad but also their pack leader. We are not training your dogs to be independent, but children should be raised to be independent (on the right age of course). Dogs are happiest when they are with us and can't be taught to be happy when alone. 

When we raise our children to be happy when we aren't around, we learn our children to be interdependent and comfortable to get away from mom and dad at a certain point. We raise our children to constantly test their boundaries, because this is a useful skill later in life. 

We don't encourage that for our puppy. I'm to selfish...

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