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Tip 3: How to ask your dog to stop barking:

If your dog continues to bark over again and again; same toy, person, situation, or place? Then you have to make yourself powerful, and claim that incentive as your own. In other words, you have the right to bark and you deprive your dog this barking right.

Use your body language, your mind, and your calm-assertive energy as it were, creating an invisible wall that your dog cannot cross. Do this with 100% dedication and focus, and the result might perhaps surprise you.

This solution is a little difficult for someone who has already a barking dog. But it is the one I use as a dog whisperer, dog behaviorist, to prevail with dogs that are out of order.

Let me coach you through the steps. My girlfriend who primarily gives training to people explained to me how I actually did this. Because, I did it, I just did not know how exactly I had explain the simple steps.

Until one night we sat down to talk about a coaching I did that day and she told me: "Oh, that reminds me ... so that's the way you do it probably?" Well, not completely, but her answer gave me clear enough insight to determine for myself precisely what I did and how I did it. So, now I can explain it to you exactly.

An example: explaining the situation as concrete as possible. Even though this is a fictional example. Well, fictional, let me tell you that this situation already frequently occurred. But because I don't want anyone out there on this earth claiming I am talking about his or her dog ... thus as fictitious and concrete as possible.

Imagine, the postman comes every day around 9 am. Max, the barking dog, enjoy this moment. As every summer day, he runs, barking, through the open porch door to the garden-gate that is closed.
Look for help
 Louis, our mailman, has known Max now for years and therefore knows what's up. So, Louis, trying to maintain the neighborhood peace as much as possible, has developed his own strategy for Max. Because, after all, not all neighbors liked that dog barking.

So, Louis, assessing the situation long before, had the letters and the newspaper already taken in his left hand. He comes with his squeaky bike driving around the corner. Right, the squeak of the bike is the trigger Max was waiting for ... so he runs barking through the porch door,...

Louis, brakes with his right hand, jumps off, then opens the mailbox with his right hand, passing on the letters and the newspaper from his left hand to his right hand, quickly throwing the mail in our mailbox.

Louis hops back on his bike, start pedaling like crazy, at the precise moment barking Max ends up with his snout between the bars of the gate.
Get Help by a pro

Max barks like crazy, Louis flees. Max continues for minutes as a wild boar.

Max won once again. A potential intruder chased away. And this has been going on for two months.

Recapitulate: Max wants to do the right thing, Louis wants to do the right thing. The situation is getting worse every day!

Knowing Right, the moment when I take control of this situation and I teach Max clearly, precisely and exactly the behavior I expect of him.

And how to do this yourself at home is exactly what I'm going to explain to you... Knowing Right.

The next morning, I make for sure, at 9 am I'm already near the gates, just weeding. Actually keeping myself occupy until Louis comes along. And this is important because this is step one in the process! I am NOT waiting for the postman, I'm just working in the garden.

The moment the squeaky bicycle comes towards our house and Max hurries barking towards fences, I step with determination up to the gate.

In other words, I'm the first at the garden gates, before Louis and before Max. This is step two.

I lean against the fences, looking right in the direction of Max and draw an imaginary line on the ground about half a meter from me. This is the line Max cannot cross. This is step three.

I close my eyes, relax completely and see in my imagination how Max just before the imaginary line behaves and relaxes. This is step 4.

I open my eyes, say hello to Louis and turn resolutely to the upcoming Max: "sit," I say with a calm, loud and firm voice. I imagine myself that Max will just do that. I keep repeating this command to calm until Max sits relaxed. That is until I see that Max's muscles are relaxed!

Listen, I've got control, thus, if I say "sit" then that means, "sit",period. I give this command with 100% conviction and focus, and the result could be  surprising to you. This is step five.

The sixth and final step is very simple. I give Max the command that he can play in the garden. Only, I remain standing between Max and Louis. As a boss, I have the control here. And I'm greeting Louis from now on, not Max.

If you have practiced this for a few days you will experience, you've probably have some time to chat with the mailman about the weather. Just let the postman pace the letters and the newspaper in the mailbox. Explain the postman you also want Max to stop barking and that you have taken control over Max's situation.

You'll be amazed how quickly Mag settles down and you will be amazed how relaxed Louis brings the post.

Have confidence, create a powerful bond with your dog


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