Monday, October 12, 2015

5 Tips To Stop Dogs Barking For Good, Even The Neighbors Hound... Because you want to be a proud owner again...

Okay, barking dogs...well, it's a natural dog behavior. And let me create clarity here. So, if your dog is excited and barks, yes, quite possibly. Enjoy these moments, a few times a few minutes each day. Only, if your dog keep on barking, then you have a problem, a dog behavior problem.

Therefore, I give some tips you can already try out, including on the next door dog... and you try out the solutions sequentially. In other words, use tip one for at least a week, preferably slightly longer.

Sometimes it helps to repeat the tip for a few days to stop your dogs barks. Oh, and because repetition helps because your dog already has built up a habit to keep on barking ... and he obviously get benefit out of it ... otherwise he would have stopped a long time ago.

If it turns out that it does not work, then just get on with tip two, same routine, and then ... you got it?

If it turns, reading this text is too much trouble, go straight to tip 5 and read this tip to the end. Hell, reread this tip at least three times.

Because their I giving away what dog whisperers/dog behaviorists like myself use to assist clients, in 79% of cases with barking dogs, in a first consultation, that ACTUALLY helps owners to regain their pride IMMEDIATELY. No matter how helpless, insecure, frustrated and angry they might feel.

Ask a pro

TIP 1: Correct the behavior of your barking dog and  follow up:

Make it clear to your dog that he should stop barking. Use your gaze, body movement and a sound.

For example, my girlfriend used all three at once in this manner: she drew large round eyes, raised her right index finger in the air and said with a heavy, low bass voice, "What's up!" She had the allures of a kindergarten teacher from the '60s that corrects a four-year-old.

Just outlining the situation here, eh. You know what I mean, right? Perhaps you have your own way, so to speak, to be mad the dog ...

Only, beware. It is quite possible that the dog stops briefly and then starts again to bark. Logically, his body relaxed, but his brain was still alert.

Be patient. Repeat what you just did ... look, finger and voice ... give him some time to surrender completely. And only then go on with what you were doing before the barking began.

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