Monday, September 28, 2015

A dogs-mouth made for communication: Nothing more articulated, Lip licking!


Are Lip licking Stress signals?
 Unless you’re swinging a treat over his nose or your pup is sitting in front of his food dish, the lip licking you see, is very likely dog talk. The lip lick is part of the doggie language, which is called a calming signal in dog behavior. This is not to the same your pup is licking when doing his self-bathing or giving you, some affection and loving.

 Not every lip lick is stress induced. A dog who's trying to please his owner in every way and loving it. Shows stress from the his impulse control from a intense high drive to please. You also can expect to hear whining from a dog at this level of excitement.
  Even if your dog like to work, he can have some stress. Don't worry, my border collie is also stressful when he work with me, I can't take the lip licking signals away like I would love to. He give himself the full 100% and when it comes on impulses; the stress builds up, so they start licking there lip.

 Especially with young dogs it's very occurring. It just takes time to grow up.

Lets give you a tip to help Your Pup:

 Built more breaks in when playing so he can release the stress by biting the toy. When he gets older and more experienced he will be able to control himself that way.

Hive your dog the time to build up confidence. 

Your dog can be 9 months and doing everything extraordinary but showing the licking signals, that means he's still not fully in control of himself.

If you don't take care of that, it could be resulting in a depression and your dog can lose interest in working with you when he gets older. 

So my best advice is never to rush even when he can do it, still be aware of the signals of stress.So, build his confidence first. 
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